So, let us start off with a question. When it comes to adding sauces and condiments, are you more of a dipper or a scooper?Personally, I have always been a scooper. I feel as if it adds another element to the snack you're about to indulge in. I know some people may argue (like my little sister) that it throws off the recipe especially when you are sharing with others. Back to the initial question, "Are you a Dipper or a Scooper?" I feel as if I could apply this question and answer to my life. I don't like to just "dip" myself into new experience, I would much rather "scoop" it all in. Scooping allows me to fully immerse myself in new things and take away more in the long run. Now that we have that taken care of, we can continue on with the "About Me" stuff.

Hello there Fashionistas from various corners of the world. Welcome to Soy Sauce Fashion, this blog is my current substitute to fill my hunger for anything fashion. Being an International Business and Finance major does not help my ultimate dream to work in the fashion industry, but I guess we can all dream, right? Without dreams there aren't dreamers, or wait, is it the other way around? Dreamers without dreams? Either way, "If you never chase your dreams, you'll never catch them, eh?" Let's see where this saucey blogging lifestyle will lead me. (Fingers crossed, hopefully straight to NYC)

-Jess xx.



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