Saturday, September 22, 2012

Carolina Football Gameday Attire. GO COCKS!!

This morning I got up and did not have that many options in terms of outfits because it was Gameday here at USC (University of South Carolina). My color options today were either black, garnet/red or white; so, I went with all black for today's game. I decided to wear a black skirt from Zara, basic black tank from Uniqlo, black crochet vest from a street vendor in Brasil and tan ankle booties from Unionbay. The high for today was a nearly scorching 90 degrees, and it almost felt like it was pushing the 100s because there were so many people and very little wind. But of course you can't complain about the heat when you surround yourself with your friends and a good time.

Today we played against Missouri and beat them 31-10 and it was an entertaining game to watch/learn. I am not a big football fan because I was raised to be more of a soccer/basketball type of girl. BUT, I do have to admit that football is starting to grow on me. With Sarah's help I could really fall in love with the game of football. I realized how football is such a huge part of the "Southern" culture. And growing up in the South, I feel like it is only right that inherit some of that football culture (even though I do not consider myself one bit of a southern gal). It was overall a delightful day and cannot wait for the next game against Georgia. I am proud to be a GAMECOCK!

[caption id="attachment_100" align="aligncenter" width="768"] My beautiful friend Sarah and me. Looking classy in all black for the game.
Me, Sarah and Becca.
Brothers for life. Matt, Me and Sarah.


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