Friday, December 28, 2012

Yours Truly, Miss Joker

(Forever 21 Beanie, Linda Farrow Sunnies, Blazer from Banana Republic, Crop Top from Urban Outfitters, High Waisted Shorts from H&M, Combat boots from Lucky Brand, Backpack from TJ Maxx and Watch from Michael Kors) 

Every time I put this blazer on, I channel my inner Joker badass-self. There is just something about this blazer that screams Joker and the entire Marvel colors tones. You know the distinct envy green with the classic mustard yellow that were used in the comics. Oh Marvel Comics, where do I even begin? Long story short, my personal favorites would be Batman and Iron Man. 

Now for my Linda Farrow sunnies. They are definitely one of my most treasured item that I own. Linda Farrow is know for her iconic eyewear, such as the Lady Gaga-esque/ Mickey Mouse eyewear she is known for. I put my pair on when I wanna channel a bit of badass rocker chick mixed with a little bit of John Lennon-esque vibe. And of course, on these cold winter days, I have been topping off all my looks with any of my trusty beanies. 

Cheers!! xx

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